Pharmaceutical market research Poland

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Pharmaceutical market research Poland


For a pharmaceutical companies and medical companies is recommended to conduct market research, which can provide studies such as: consumer insights, advertising concept tests, packaging concept tests, advertising campaign effectiveness studies, decision-makers (physicians, pharmacists) surveys, testing of presence of the product in the media, market research. Everything because of high level of competitiveness on pharmaceutical market. In each state there are also a different laws and regulations, which companies has to keep. This market continuously grows and is worth now billions of dollars. The largest drugs companies, such as Novartis, Pfizer, Teva, Johnson & Johnson control over one-third of this market. That is the reason why company operating on this market needs in-depth market analysis, forecasts, trends, patent analysis, and profiles of major players within this markets.


Marketing activity


Marketing activity in this sector is extremely important. Almost every pharmaceutical or medical company spend a lot of money on marketing their products. More than on research and development. And, of course, giants, like Pfizer or Novartis, are in a better position in marketing activity, than smaller companies. This is a hard struggle, to which is better to be prepared. Pharmaceutical marketing research Poland is a good way to prepare to it. The most effective strategy to conduct a proper market research is the one which depends on what kind of audience will be targeted. A different approach is needed when it comes to a discussions with physicians, nurses, patients, managers of medical facilities, medical salesman.


Understating of needs


A professional medical market research in Poland agency can help a company with better understanding of the patient needs, physicians needs, medical facility staff needs. For this purpose market research company use qualitative and quantitative research, for example qualitative detail aid testing with GPs and Specialists, survey about retail oriented strategy of over the counter products. In quantitative interviewing are: online surveys or telephone interviewing, and in qualitative interviewing: depth interviews, group discussions and ethnographic studies. For a qualitative research it is better to do a strict selection of the respondents, according to: demographic and economic variables, lifestyle, shopping preferences and experiences, health situation. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct a method of two-step data analysis, on the basis of two types of research. The first one is used to obtain individual opinions of the representatives of target group on a given topic, for example by in-depth interviews. After this first step we analyze the data and use the results to create research tool for the second step – focus group interviews. This research may be supplemented by quantitative techniques, which allows quantification and authentification matter relating to product target group.